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About Us

Established in 2012, MCM is a Global PMC connecting global partners providing business and finance, management, policies, and procedures planning services. Our integrated consultancy services help our clients navigate through the rapid-growing business complexity in today’s world. With our in-depth experience and expertise across various industries, we are placing together the resources, capabilities, and know-how to enable businesses to continuously accomplish goals and achieve greater height

Meet Our Executives


Adj. Prof. Dr. Ts. Maxshangkar (CVTAPC)


Maxshangkar is the founder of Max Capital Management Holding Ltd (MCM) which was established in 2012. Maxshangkar acquired his MBA in International Business with a Distinction from the University of East London, United Kingdom. He has vast experience in project management consultation and corporate branding. With business and investment background, Maxshangkar has successfully built MCM as a global Project Management Consultant (PMC) company specializing in corporate strategy advisory services, project management’s conception to implementation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), event management, etc


Ms. Phoon Yee Min


Ms. Yee Min has 17 years of experience in the business and finance industry such as Audit and Advisory, Developed Policies and Procedures, Anti-Corruption Framework, Cost and Headcount Controller, Internal Auditor and several other fields. She has qualifications such as Certified Internal Auditor (“CIA”), Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (“ACCA”), etc. She is also involved in several industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare providers, etc. while leading Audit and Advisory engagements to external clients. She also previously held the position of Director of the Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services practice at KPMG Management & Risk Consulting Sdn Bhd. She was attached to an American Multinational Company as Cost Controller and a Malaysia Public Listed Company as Chief Internal Auditor before becoming the COO of MCM International Consultancy PLT


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Internal Audit

Internal auditing is an objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. MCM International Consultancy PLT can assists Company to address internal controls within key business processes and governance areas as illustrated in the indicative focus areas below: 


  • Security, Safety, Health and Environment Management 

  • Exploration, Subsurface and Field Development

  • Production, Operation, Maintenance, Asset Integrity and Crude Oil Marketing

  • Human resource management

  • Facilities, Construction and Engineering

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Financial management

  • Drilling and well


Internal Control Assessment

Internal control refers to the methods and procedures implemented by the management to control the business operation, and to assist in achieving the business objective. The objective is to ensure compliance with management policies. We act as Management’s representative to identify internal control weaknesses and assist to enhance it before audited by external parties.


Enterprise Risk Management

Risk is referring to anything that threatens the Company from achieving its objective. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a top-down approach, focusing on the strategic and significant risks to the Company and it will help Management find the right balance between risk and control by directly linking process risks back to the business objectives. We can help to develop an enterprise risk management framework and development of a risk profile by conducting workshops and assessments to develop a risk profile for clients.


Corruption Risk Management

Corruption Risk Management (CRM) is a new provision which imposes criminal liability on a commercial organisation for offences committed by its associated persons who give or agree to give or perform acts of gratification to obtain / retain business / advantage for the commercial organisation. We can help by these Principle outlined in the Guidelines on Adequate Procedures which are : 

  • Top Level Commitment 

  • Risk Assessment

  • Undertake Control Measures

  • Systematic Review, Monitoring and Enforcement 

  • Training and Communication 

  • Assessing associated costs and risks prior to completing transaction 

  • Researching customer reviews and the seller’s reputation

  • Considering the environmental impact of the due diligence transaction

  • Evaluating price in comparison to competitors

Due Diligence Services


Business Valuation

Business Valuation is to determine the fair value of a business for a variety of reasons, including sale value, establishing partner ownership, taxation, and even divorce proceedings. MCM International Consultancy PLT can assist a company by three-tiered hierarchy which are approaches, methods and procedures in Business Valuation.


Business Proposals and Financial Forecast

MCM International Consultancy PLT can assist new business/ business looking for expansion to enhance business proposals and financial forecasts for fund raising activity. Financial forecasting should always precede the budgeting process to ensure spending is in line with factors that can impact overall financial performance. Those who create budgets without financial forecasts are at risk of overspending and not having enough available cash for unexpected costs or shortfalls in revenue. 


Policies and Procedures Establishment and Enhancement

Policies and procedures are an essential part of any organization. Together, policies and procedures provide a roadmap for day-to-day operations. They ensure compliance with laws and regulations, give guidance for decision-making, and streamline internal processes. MCM International Consultancy PLT can assist companies to establish new SOP or enhance current SOP.


Corporate Governance & Compliance Services

Corporate Governance (CG) is the process and structure used to direct and manage the business and affairs of the company towards promoting business prosperity and corporate accountability with the ultimate objective of realising long-term shareholder value while taking into account the interest of other stakeholders. 

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