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About Us

Established in 2012, MCM is a global PMC connecting partners worldwide, offering business, finance, management, and policy planning services. Our integrated consultancy aids clients in navigating modern business complexities. Leveraging our industry expertise, we pool resources and know-how to help businesses achieve their goals and reach greater heights.

Why Choose Us

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Help Navigate Business Complexity

We are skilled at networking and opportunity-seeking and now have a business network in over 10 countries. 

Guide Business on Achieve Continuous Accomplishment


Provide with access to consistent project updates, learn business models, and get principals to share and discuss projects. 

Help Business to Accomplish Goals in Greater Height

The key to achieving this

continued success is

investment in knowledge and learning.

Connecting Dots

Global Partner's Services

 Internal Audit

 Internal Control Assessment

Due Diligence Services

Business Valuation

Business Proposals and Financial Forecast

Policies and Procedures Establishment and Enhancement

Enterprise Risk Management

Corruption Risk Management

Corporate Governance & Compliance Services

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